St. John's is seeking a new Director of Music.  Our dedicated and beloved choir director of 16 years, Lee Jennings, will be retiring this year.  For more infomation on the job description, please click here.







* Sunday morning classes are held for youth Kindergarten through the 12th grade during worship.  

* Sunday morning Adult classes are held at 9:00am in the Fireside Room

* Nursery care is available throughout the morning for children under the age of four years. 

"Kids of the Kingdom"  [Elementary K - 4]

 Kids of the Kingdom is SJPC’s children’s program during worship services.  After the anthem, elementary aged kids head to class to pray, worship and learn together.  We provide Christ centered teaching in a way that help kids build foundations of faith as they begin to understand “the Big God Story” and how they are a part of much larger community of faith of past, present and future believers. Please join us for this fun, creative, God-centered class! This Fall we will be focusing on prayer, and specifically the Lord's Prayer. 

"The Mix"  [5th - 12th grade] 

The Mix (our youth) is designed for children grades five through high school.  This fall will be a year of transition and we will be focusing on finding ways to mentor to our youth and integrating them more into the life of the church.  Mix Sunday School classes and Youth activities will start on October 9th!  

* High school aged youth are encouraged to worship with their families in the service, however, the Mix will tailor the Sunday School Lesson for all those who choose to be involved. 





Each month at St. John's we collect a montly food item for our donation to Treasure House. Treasure House helps to keep pantries full for those in need.  Please check our website or Facebook each month for our food item featured! 


April is Peanut Butter Collection Month!  This month’s collection for Treasure House is an old pantry standby- Peanut Butter.  Who doesn’t love peanut butter? Use it for the handy dandy Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, in baking recipes, or on crackers or fruit for a hearty after school snack. Peanut Butter tastes awesome and no pantry is complete without it.  Please add a jar to your grocery cart this month and bring to the Narthex for a donation-the Camas/Washougal kids will love it! 





Households with children are the largest demographic group accessing emergency food boxes (EFB). The average number of EFB's distributed monthly in Clark County has increased from 9,500 to 10,100 and 39% of those receiving hunger relief from this source are children.