We at St. John's Presbyterian Church share God’s gifts to us by making a commitment of financial stewardship.

By God’s grace, we are given the talents and resources necessary for ministry in the world. Our use and management of these talents and resources comes from our awareness of our individual gifts and our faithful stewardship of them.

2015 Stewardship Emphasis - Empowered by God, Responding by Grace

Thank you to all who have already pledged! As of December 11th the pldeges total 61 pledging families for a total of $180,126.

If you have not pledged yet it is not too late. It's never too late. Pledge cards are received throughout the year and the practice of pledging can be transforming. It is in giving that we truly receive.

Won't you prayerfully consider your part in the plan God has for St. John's

The Per Capita Apportionment information has been received for 2015. The total for each member will be $27.96 Please consider contributing to cover your portion.   Thank you

Our Church Budget

St. John’s current budget projects a need for almost $255,000 for annual expenses such as:

  • Mission
  • Ministries and activities
  • Staff salaries
  • Administrative costs
  • Maintenance of campus

Our major sources of income include: pledges, investments and loose plate giving.

Guidelines to Giving

The Session of St. John's Presbyterian Church believes that each member is privileged and obligated to respond to God’s grace through committed financial stewardship, including:

  • Proportional Giving
  • Intentional Giving
  • Pledging
  • “Second Mile” Giving

All gifts are tax deductible and records are held in strict confidence.

For more information on financial gifts, contact the church office at (360) 834-3281.