SJPC elects 12 Deacons to oversee 6 Parishes. Each Parish is ministered to by 2 Deacons and 2 Elders. The Deacons contact Parish members monthly by phone, cards, or personal visits, and respond to their special needs by arranging dinners, transportation, etc. Special occasions such as birthdays and other events are remembered with cards or a phone call.

Deacons prepare the communion elements and serve communion with the Elders. Monthly a team consisting of an Elder and Deacon take communion to our shut-ins, as Jesus sent his disciples two by two. Several teams participate each month in this ministry.

The Deacon Fund is administered by the Board of Deacons and is available to assist members with one-time emergency financial assistance.


Deacons minister to the sick, needy, friendless and those in distress, within the church and beyond. Deacons are not elders in training, nor are they second-class leaders. The Board of Deacons is not a deliberative body, rather the emphasis of their ministry is one of pastoral care for the needs of people.

Required Qualities

In addition to the qualities that are required of an elder, Deacons serving in the ministry of help should possess:

  • Spiritual character
  • Honest reputation
  • Exemplary lives
  • Love
  • Sympathy
  • Compassion
  • Sound judgment
  • Member of SJPC